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2000 mm Diameter Aironn Smoke Exhaust Fan Successfully Passed High Temperature Tests

14 September 2023
2000 mm Diameter Aironn Smoke Exhaust Fan Successfully Passed High Temperature Tests

Aironn Ventilation Inc. The smoke exhaust fan in its portfolio, with a diameter of 2000 mm and an engine power of 400 kW, which can operate in two directions and has an air flow capacity of 140 m3/sec, has once again successfully passed the high temperature tests. The tests took place at Applus+'s facility in Spain. Applus+ is one of Europe's leading laboratories working in fire safety testing and certification. The laboratory in Spain, where thousands of products are tested every year to characterize their resistance and response to fire, is the only one of its kind to perform Full-Scale Tunnel Fire Testing and Large-Scale Outdoor Fire Testing. With over 25 years of experience in fire testing, the European reference laboratory Applus+ is accredited according to international (ISO), USA (NFPA, UL), European (EN), national (BS, UNE and others) regulations.

Aironn's product group, which has successfully passed high temperature tests in this laboratory in recent years and has been certified to withstand temperatures of 300 and 400 degrees Celsius for two hours, has proven its success once again by breaking a new record with its new high-efficiency wing structure developed by the Aironn R&D team. The ability to operate in the reverse direction without loss of efficiency when the relevant auxiliary equipment is used is among the prominent features of this product group, which is especially preferred in metro enterprises. The body structure of Aironn Smoke Exhaust Fans, which is hot-dip galvanized against corrosion, is manufactured from 10 mm thick EN 10025 quality sheet metal. Equipped with many sensors such as vibration and engine temperature sensors, it ensures safety by warning operators in advance of possible negative situations.

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