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İSKİD Releases Statistics for The First Eights Months of 2020

28 December 2020
İSKİD Releases Statistics for The First Eights Months of 2020

İSKİD released the Turkish air conditioning industry's performance notes in the summer of 2020 and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Air Conditioning industry, which entered 2019 with full distribution channels and therefore passed a low-performance season, had great expectations from 2020. However, when the pandemic hit the Far East and then our country in the first quarter, it led to a serious revision of both production and import product planning of Far East origin.

In April and May, the implementation of curfews in many cities and people self-isolating at home seriously reduced the rules of conventional trade we know. Having a dynamic structure, the Turkish air conditioning industry quickly adopted e-commerce practices. Besides, under the conditions of Covid-19, the industry quickly gained the ability to produce by focusing on occupational safety (Mask, Physical Distance, and Hygiene) and became a production base.

Especially hot summer months and the demand of white-collar employees who work from their home to purchase air conditioners to improve the home-office comfort have expanded the market.

Ozan Atasoy, Chairman of İSKİD, said, "ISKID members have had an active summer period was fast and active as they worked on the adaptation of air conditioning devices used in hospitals and shopping malls to Covid19 conditions, renewing filters, maintenance, and the completion of UV-related activities."

According to the statistics, the market size of household type air conditioner and variable flow air conditioning systems (VRF / VRV / VRS), which accounts for the biggest market share, increased by nearly 10% compared to the previous year. Mr. Atasoy stated that this performance was achieved despite trade and public investments stopped, especially during the pandemic period. Mr. Atasoy said, "Distribution channels stocks are very low, we expect the variable flow air conditioner market to enter a faster growth period within the framework of the projects and investments to be realized in the last quarter of the year."

There was a 70% increase in sales compared to the previous year in heat pump devices, widely used in detached houses in coastal regions.

According to ISKID statistics, there was a 9% growth in the sales of wall-mounted air conditioners used in houses. It was concluded that this growth was due to the very hot summer season and the white-collar employees working from homes due to the pandemic.

ISKID Chairman Mr. Ozan Atasoy indicated that the air conditioning industry, 90 percent of which are represented by ISKID, with rapid technological improvement, started to produce air conditioners that comply with energy efficiency standards in Turkey and to use the environmentally friendly R-32 gas respecting the EU legislations. Stating that ISKID has been an active player in the air conditioning industry, working to improve the through 15 commissions, Mr. Atasoy said that as an organization established in 1992 and has over 100 members, ISKID has been serving the community by developing social responsibility projects in technology, health, environment, education, and indoor air quality. He underlined that in this period, where we spend most of our time at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has been on the number one topic in the global agenda, the Air Conditioning and Ventilation industry has become more important in terms of ensuring indoor air quality for health. In this context, İSKİD Chairman Mr. Ozan Atasoy stated that they established a commission consisting only of experts on INDOOR AIR QUALITY. They started working professionally with a communication agency to raise awareness in public. He further said that they were constantly trying to provide the sector professionals with the most up-to-date information regarding "Indoor Air Quality" via social media or online meetings.

Mr. Atasoy added that the air conditioning market in Turkey displayed a rapid development in quality and quantity. He stated that significant growth was observed in air conditioner sales in 2020. Explaining that the demand for A ++ energy class and inverter compressor products, which provides energy savings of up to 40 percent, has increased significantly, Mr. Atasoy said, “Strong manufacturers and distributors respond to the ever-growing expectations of the consumers in terms of service quality. The EU harmonization process also accelerates technological developments in the industry, especially in terms of environment and energy efficiency."

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