17 February 2020 Monday

ALDAG A.S. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Rebii Dagoglu: Success takes effort


ALDAG A.S. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Rebii Dagoglu told about his 2018 forecasts on the climatization sector and the targets of ALDAG A.S.

The perspective of Turkey’s climatization sector about 2018

“According to the data, Turkey realized growth by 7.5 % in 2017 whereas  climatization sector achieved growth by 11 %. What should be noted here is that there is an increase at macro level in credit levels. The main reason for this is the treasury guaranteed CGF loans which are generally provided by the state It should be stated that the CGF has had a very positive contribution to over all employment reats . However, if an  excessive amount of liquidity occurs in the market, this situation imposes an upwards pressure in USD/TL exchange rate and creates an inflationary environment. I think that it is a matter to be considered. However, on the other hand the rate of budget deficicit to Gross National Production ,has been realized at the level of 1.5%  whereas it was targeted as 2.5% at the beginning of the year. Therefore, this situation indicates that the fiscal discipline has been maintained in the public sector. When we look at the HVAC sector, it seems  that  the reductions  in consumption taxes were very effective in achieving this growth rate. Along with that, the recent public-private partnership investments also have a contribution to this positive momentum. Also, we have seen a significant increase in foreign investors in the climatization sector and I think that this is a promising development. I am also very hopeful for the year 2018. Firstly, the global growth rate is at the level of 3.5 % and the purchasing power is also increasing in our primary export markets. These are all positive developments, however I think that it will be a year carrying risk of exchange for the private sector. The companies should not be engrossed in the trend of credit expansion which has started last year. In such times, the companies with strong resources are separated from others in a positive sense. On the other hand, international political risks keep their importance on the agenda. This, in turn, creates unrest over all the factors of the economy. However, I think that the trend of increase in investments will continue. In the last budget, the government allocated a funding similar to last year’s for CGF loans. However, I repeat that companies should act by relying primarily on their own resources.”

Performance criteria is a subject that needs to be dealt with sensitivty.

“There are issues that we need to be sensitive to for the healthy development of the sector; some of the air handling unit manufacturers are injecting polyurethane foam to profiles with no heat bridge in the “model box” that they send to the test in order for the thermal and mechanical performance to be determined at a higher level in tests like Eurovent. In other words, the actual production is not consistent with the “model box” sent to the test; this is deceiving. We also have concrete indications in this regard but the problem is; to raise awareness about the unreliability of thermal and mechanical performance classes. For example, another issue is that polyurethane plates are placed in the panels, which also creates a risk: Although it is positive in terms of thermal values, it can cause fatal consequences during a possible fire situation. For this reason, we, as ALDAG A.S., do not use any other insulation material except our A1 class stone wool in our plants and we do not condescend to the tricks that will show thermal mechanical performance high.”

Our targets as ALDAG A.S. for 2018

“What is on our agenda for the year 2018 is quickening our existing steps as well as the new steps to be taken. Our social responsibility projects will increasingly continue. We have preparations to become R&D center. We will start working on an ambitious R&D project that will be carried out with a German-based specialist group. We will have received the results at the end of 1-1.5 years foreseen as the project duration. We have a project to be included in a technocity. We will be attending at least 12 international fairs this year in different geographies from Germany and Italy to the Turkic Republics and the Middle East countries, from Russia to the Gulf countries. We have plans to open regional offices in CIS countries. 2018 will be the year that we will go on attack in export, including these moves. Our organizational scheme will be renewed, new human values join  ​​ALDAG A.S.  family. At this point, I have to say with pride; there is great demand for our company. Many valued professionals want to join our group and participate in this dynamism. We are making an effort to build new values on our old values ​​by retaining and protecting them. In this process, there is no organization that ALDAG A.S. has on its agenda and competes with. ALDAG A.S. competes with the 50 years left behind and pursues the creation of a more successful 50 years. Our new motto is the product of this thought: ‘Experience Coming From the Past, Power Walking Towards the Future.'”

In order to achieve a sustainable success

We have never been a short marathon runner; targets for ALDAG are based on realistic elements and each target reached is followed by another target. My colleagues in the professional team know that the struggle to reach these targets is a flag race and when necessary, as result of the decision of the company management, they deliver the flag received from a friend to another one without showing any sensitivity. There is no ‘I’ but ‘we’ in our main philosophy. We have not walked with those who say ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ and we also will not in the future.”

Turkey climatization sector has always grown above on the average of Turkey.

Dagoglu gave the following information Turkey’s climatization sector and about industry expectations in Eurasia’s largest climatization fair ISK-SODEX:

“Climatization sector has great importance in Turkey. Turkey’s climatization sector, providing direct employment of 320 thousand people, has reached an export volume of 4.5 billion dollars. Turkey achieved a 7.5 percent growth last year. The climate sector has achieved a growth by 11 percent. This sector has always grown above the average of Turkey. In 2011, ALDAG export figures have reached 5 billion dollars. Last year, we realized $ 3.9 billion export, however this is the range of numbers that we perform at. Our export figure was 17 million TL last year. The share in our total turnover is between 10 and 15 percent. I said that we absolutely had to participate in ISK-SODEX very strongly. We wanted to take the fair back to its old enthusiastic days.”

We must catch up with the Industry 4.0

Dagoglu, emphasizing that 4.0 investments must increase, said: ” We will bring new style, new generation air handling units and latest technological product range together with our business partners.” Indicating that ALDAG A.S is not a short marathon runner, Dagoglu stated that ethical and moral values ​​are conditions for sustainable success while emphasizing the importance of education.