Great Success of ALDAĞ Inc. : Air Handling Units’ TB1 (Thermal Bridging) -T2 (Thermal Conductivity) Values have been certified by Eurovent.

28 February 2020 Issue: Year 2020

As a result of tests carried out according to the EN 1886 standard, which Eurovent, the most accepted certification body in the air-conditioning sector,took as a reference when evaluating the mechanical performance of Air Handling Units, ALDAĞ Inc. Air Handling Units had a report card that reflected a great success. The values classified in EN 1886 Standard are thermal bridging (Tb), thermal conductivity (T), casing air leakage (L), filter bypass leakage (F), the mechanical strength of casing (D), and acoustic values.

Thermal Bridglessness: TB1 
New generation air handling units of ALDAĞ Inc. are in TB1 class, with a specially designed thermal bridge-free panel structure and a patented screw storage chamber, and a value of 0.8. 

Thermal Conductivity: T2 
New generation air handling units of ALDAĞ Inc. are in T2 class with a value of 0.8 W/mK thanks to the 60 mm rockwool insulation.

Casing Air Leakage: L1
Aldağ Air Handling Units have proven to have the highest performance for this class by providing L1 value.

Filter Bypass Leakage: F9
By providing the F9 class with its specially designed filter connections, Aldağ can be used easily in all hygienic applications.

Mechanical Strength of Casing: D1
Aldağ air handling units are in D1 class with their robust structure with steel profiles. This proves the durability claim of Aldağ air handling units. ALDAĞ Inc. R&D Group continues to be one step ahead by developing energy-efficient, environmentally  friendly and high value-added technologies.

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