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Content Technical articles, translations, sectoral news, intervi- ews, views, research studies, opinion articles and serial articles on theories, approaches and implementations in the fields of mechanical installations and sanitary installations, heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditi- oning, heat and energy Target audience Engineers specializing in mechanical installation de- signing, consultancy and contracting companies, ma- nagers of technical maintenance and management at public and private sector industrial organizations and service buildings, technical managers and general ma- nagers of buildings of intensive public usage, such as hospitals, touristic establishments, administrative of- fice buildings and shopping centers, mechanical engi- neers at construction and contracting companies, pro- fessional organizations and companies from the HVAC sector. Publication’s Start Date September 1992 Period Monthly (12 issues a year) Circulation 6,000 MAGAZINE - WEBSITE - FLIPBOOK ARCHIVE - E-BULLETINE O U R P U B L I C AT I O N S 2