Doga Trade Publishing Group

Effective Promotional Projects and Distribution The planning, implementation and distribution of gifts and promotional activities that are in line with a company’s marketing objectives and client profiles should be carried out by teams who have knowledge about your target audience. DSYG fol- lows up work conducted in this area, its perceptu- al projection and innovations in the field and pre- sents you with solutions that suit your objectives. Our Efficient Promotional Service ›› Development of promotional concepts ›› Design and preparation of promotional products ›› Selection of the target audience from the DSYG database and delivery of the promotio- nal product ›› Delivery of the promotional product via DSYG periodicals Events The planning and implementation of activities that are appropriate in terms of a company’s mar- keting objectives achieves successful results if or- ganized by communication experts that follow- up closely the sector’s structure, expectations and agenda. In the sectors where it provides services, DSYG researches, recommends and implements themes and formats that are in line with the ob- jective of the event. Our Event Services ›› Concept development for events ›› Process management for events ›› Design and preparation of announcements ›› Delivery and feedback reporting ›› Satisfaction measurement following events 18