Doga Trade Publishing Group

International Communications Direct export is closely connected to recognition in international markets and the ability to create brand value. To achieve these, it is necessary to select foreign media effectively, to prepare a me- dia plan and top prepare and present content that is in line with the aim and in the language that is most suitable. DSYG has deep knowledge of and follows-up the international media and communi- cations organs in the sectors it is active. Our International Communication Services ›› Design of messages that are suitable to foreign markets ›› Choice of foreign media ›› Translation into the necessary languages ›› Delivery of the message to foreign media ›› Follow-up and reporting Client Satisfaction and its Measurement, Sur- vey Implementations Marketing measures, assesses and develops all criteria that may affect success. It needs to obta- in objective data for the analyzes that need to be carried out. Surveys constitute one of the ways to obtain this data. Surveys that consist of questions that are in line with the objective, are clear and correctly arranged are applied to the correct tar- get audience by independent organizations and reported on. Our Services for Client Satisfaction and its Measu- rement and Survey Implementations ›› E-survey applications on a database provided by a client and/or to selected persons from the DSYG database ›› Preparation of questions that suit the purpose ›› Participation via PC, Smartphone, tablet PCs ›› Detailed and professional reporting 17