Doga Trade Publishing Group

Content Production and Presentation Continuity is a factor that strengthens communi- cations. The leading factors that create brand va- lue include the continuity of corporate messages and their correct design. To achieve this, the con- tent of corporate publications, e-bulletins, press bulletins, websites and social media pages ne- eds to be prepared by communications professio- nals who have deep knowledge of the product’s or service’s target audience. Your strongest marketing communication team consists of DSYG’s communication experts and editor. OurContent Production and PresentationServices ›› Production and delivery of press bulletins ›› Preparation and delivery of E-Bulletins ›› Content production for websites ›› Content production for social media pages ›› Preparation of text for leaflets promoting companies and products ›› Presentation preparation ›› Content production for promotional videos ›› Preparation for corporate publications Corporate Publications The preparation, production and publication of periodical, non-periodical, printed or online cor- porate publications for companies or non-profit professional organizations, non-governmental organizations and institutions is carried out by DSYG’s expert team. Our services for Corporate Publications: ›› Corporate publication concept development ›› Corporate publication design and preparation ›› Content production ›› Offset printing of printed corporate publications ›› Online management of digital corporate publications ›› Delivery to a company’s and/or to the DSYG data base Technical books Our company takes on the preparation, producti- on and publishing of books prepared by compani- es or non-profit professional organizations, non- governmental organizations and institutions. Our Preparation and Publishing Services for Tech- nical Books: ›› Preparation for design and publication ›› Editing and editorial services ›› Offset printing of printed technical books ›› Online management of digital technical books ›› Delivery to a company’s and/or to the DSYG data base 16