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Webinars - Web Seminars Web Seminars and Web Conferences are web- based activities that are organized online and which can include interactive participation. Webi- nars may be used for a product launch, an educa- tional seminar, or a forum on a particular subject. Advantages ›› A virtual seminar hall minimizes conventional meeting expenses. ›› It facilitates participation thanks to its inde- pendence from any particular venue and the- refore increases the number of participants. ›› The list of participants at the seminar consti- tutes a database for future seminars. ›› The seminar can be recorded and can later be viewed online as a “Podcast”. ›› Webinars can be organized simultaneously to seminars and other activities taking place in a particular venue, to increase participation. ›› During presentations questions by partici- pants can be seen on the speaker’s screen and the presentation can continue in an interactive way that provides answers to those questions. The benefit to be expected from the activity will thus be maximized. Our Webinar Services ›› Hiring of a virtual hall and technical support ›› Use of the DSYG database and of digital me- dia to announce the seminar ›› Use of the client’s database to announce the seminar ›› Reporting on registrations/participation ›› PodCast recording of the seminar ›› Podcast hosting or publication via the DSYG digital video portal 15