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Digital Media and Digital Advertising Services Each medium creates its own design code, vie- wing habits and expectations. Advertisements too have been recreated for the digital world. A design created for the printed medium does not become a digital advertisement when it is “copied” into a digital medium. Digital advertisements are crea- ted via a digital advertising vision. DSYG + Doğa Agency are equipped with the ne- cessary creative and technical team to achieve successful communications via digital advertising and they are experts in digital and conventional communications strategies. Our Digital Advertising Services ›› Digital periodical and catalogue ads ›› Pop-up and banner ads ›› Video and animation applications ›› PodCast ›› Web site and e-commerce website applications ›› Social media applications ›› Mobile applications ›› E-Bulletins E-Mail Marketing The use of e-mails as marketing instruments is possible through a project that guarantees its ef- ficient service to a marketing strategy through its initial measurability. In other words, the delivery of “any page” to “anybody” via e-mail is not e-mail marketing. Important Headlines for a Successful E-Mail Mar- keting Project; ›› Correct timing, correct target selection, ›› Content and form prepared taking into consi- deration the marketing aim and the characte- ristics of the medium, ›› Measurability of all details and professional reporting, ›› Suitability to permitted marketing rules. Our E-Mail Marketing Services: ›› Delivery to our E-mail Database in line with “E-mail Marketing” rules and aims and reporting ›› Delivery to E-mail addresses selected in line with the target audience from the DSYG Data- base and reporting, ›› Production of professional content, ›› E-mail / E-Bulletin design. 14