Doga Trade Publishing Group

Content News, research articles and interviews concerning ser- vices offered and received by municipalities in the fi- elds of public works, health, transportation, informa- tion systems, environment and waste management, traffic, hygiene, security, education, etc., introductory articles to appliances, systems and Technologies. Target audience Municipalities, managers of departments related to public works, health, transportation, information systems, environment and waste management, traf- fic, hygiene, security, education, etc. at municipal as- sociations and Municipal Economic Enterprises (BİT), purchasing departments, mayors, commercial compa- nies operating in B2Gs. Publication’s Start Date January 2006 Period Bimonthly (6 issues a year) Circulation 4.000 MAGAZINE - WEBSITE - FLIPBOOK ARCHIVE - E-BULLETINE O U R P U B L I C AT I O N S 10