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Content Introductory articles, technical articles, interview and news on technology and systems, legislation, invest- ments, domestic and international activities, innovati- ons in the field of renewable energies, product groups such as solar collectors and batteries, wind turbines and equipment, geothermal energy systems, hydroe- lectric power plants, heat pumps and hybrid systems. Target audience Industrial companies, construction and contracting groups, real estate investment trusts, organized in- dustrial zones, power plant investors and operators, companies producing and selling electricity, local go- vernments, companies related to energy financing and logistics that can make use of renewable energy tech- nologies, the relevant ministries and department he- ads, research companies, producers, representatives, consultants, sales and implementation companies in- terested in renewable energy technologies, Publication’s Start Date December 2007 Period Bimonthly (6 issues a year) Circulation 4.000 MAGAZINE - WEBSITE - FLIPBOOK ARCHIVE - E-BULLETINE O U R P U B L I C AT I O N S 8