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Flexiva Winds Blowing in Poland

17 February 2021
Flexiva Winds Blowing in Poland

In projects of great importance for Poland; flexible air ducts, which are manufactured in accordance with the TS EN 13180 standard of Flexiva, are airtight and have high tensile and impact resistance.

Among the mega project references of Flexiva, which continues to progress with strong steps in the European market; Warszawa Tower replaced towarowa towers warszawa, Libero Tower, Gdański Business Center, Warsaw West Train Station.

Warsaw Tower is a neomodern office building complex built by Belgian real estate developer Ghelamco. Located in the complex with 129,336 m2 of floor space, Warsaw Spire A has a height of 220 meters and is not only the tallest building in the complex, but also the tallest office building in Warsaw. Warsaw Spire A has a green building certificate BREEAM with its excellent environmentally friendly identity.

Towarowa Towers Warszawa is a residential complex consisting of two 29-story towers and 7-12-floor apartments. With its meeting rooms, fitness club and lounge areas, towarowa towers is the center of attention as a part of Warsaw's modern skyline.

Libero Tower is the first tall office building with a height of 120 meters, with a commercial function on the north side of the Śródmieście CBD area. In the office building where high architectural standards are guaranteed, the perfect level of comfort and energy efficiency was aimed.

Gdański Business Center (GBC) is a modern complex of four Class A office buildings located in the center of Warsaw. In the business center with a commercial area of ​​101.000 m², there are retail and service areas in addition to office areas.

The complex has a BREEAM green building certificate with a high level of environmental awareness.

Warsaw West Station

Reconstructed with an investment volume of 425.9 million Euros, the Warsaw West Train Station is considered a major step forward for Poland's rail transport and will be Poland's most modern train station when completed. Supported by the European Union, Warsaw West Station is Poland's largest station in terms of the number of trains running. On average, around 1,000 suburban, regional, national and international trains pass through the station daily.

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