ESEN DN 2300 mm GRP Pipes Installation in the Middle East

24 May 2021 Issue: Year 2021

ESEN, which is one of the preferred names in the plastic pipe industry, continues its activities in new projects rapidly in the foreign market. 

ESEN maintains its indispensability as a result of receiving positive feedback from the services it has provided abroad so far and is on its way to becoming a leader in the international market.

Installation of GRP pipes produced up to a diameter of DN 2300 mm for the sewerage project in Middle East is ongoing. ESEN, which is a selected brand in the Middle East market, is happy to be part of the sewerage project.

ESEN GRP pipes help to safely transport wastewater, rainwater, and potable water. The reason why the pipes preferred for sewage systems are ESEN GRP pipes is because they are durable and long-lasting. One of the reasons GRP pipes are the preference in sewerage projects is that their structure is compatible with ground movements.


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