HVAC-R Turkey

10 October 2003 Issue:

Tunç Korun

Tunç Korun



Welcome to the first edition of  the  HVAC&R TURKEY magazine.  As the Turkish HVAC&R   Manufacturers and Representatives Association, we believe that there are a lot of positive changes in the Turkish market and the companies, and we would like to inform you of these in the best way possible. The local Turkish market has always been a positive one, which experienced good growth and an increase in the quality of jobs done. The fact that some of the major international players of the World decided to open their own office in Turkey during the past 5 years, some even with a production facility, is no coincidence.  This has been a natural result of the market growth and we believe more companies will follow. But it is not just the local activities that have improved. With the growth inside,  came  the positive  push  to become  more  competitive  on  the world market. This trend is not only in the air conditioning, but is visible on several different sectors in Turkey, which have been able to grow to international levels of quality. You will see some of these companies not just in the pages of this magazine, but also on some of the best exhibitions around Europe this year. As a result of these positive changes, the increase in quality and quantity is enabling our companies to present  themselves  in  the  correct way to the whole World market. Meanwhile our lower cost of living and well educated, young labor force is enabling us to keep our cost of manufacturing at a very reasonable rate. Our approach is to manufacture good  quality  products  at a reasonable cost, not just low cost-low quality items. I hope that you will be able to notice all of these changes once you meet the companies and get a chance to work with them.

In exhibitions we would like you to pay special attention to the Turkish booths, to see the quality and the business possibilities they will bring to you, no matter where or in which way you would like to do business. From cold room equipment and heat exchangers to AHU’s and heating products  there are a lot of Turkish manufacturers  that will be  glad  to offer their products to you in a professional way.

As ISKID organization, we would like to help you in finding the correct partner  to do  your HVAC&R business, in Turkey or outside Turkey, with a Turkish partner. For all of your questions, problems or communication needs, we can help you to find solutions for the issues. Please feel free to contact  us or get more information from our web site; (www.iskid.org.tr)

Last, I would like to remind you of the  upcoming  HVAC&R and  sanitary  exhibition  in  Istanbul  on  6-9 May 2004, ISK-SODEX, which is organized by Hannover-Messe Sodeks.

For those who have not been to Turkey in a while and do not know of our capabilities,  I believe they will be very surprised. So please put a note on your calendars and try to join us in Turkey on those dates. 

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