EBITT will direct the water in Capital Markets Board building that rising in the center of Istanbul Finance Centre

22 January 2021 Issue:

According to the goals of Istanbul for 2023; which will take place in the world's 10 most important financial center and 3.2 million square meters was established in Istanbul International Financial Center, it is taking its place among Turkey's mega projects. All pumps and hydrophores that will serve in the CMB (Capital Markets Board) building, which has a construction area of approximately 200 thousand square meters in the heart of IFC, carry the EBITT brand. EBITT, the competitive establishment of the global market with its organizations in Europe, Far East, Near East and Gulf regions, designed and produced fire pump stations as a system-based solution for this project.
In the IFC project; All of the closed circuit HVAC circulation pumps are integrated with WDRIVE smart inverter devices produced within the scope of EBITT Inline pump technology. In this way, 80% energy saving is guaranteed and space saving is provided as installation space. All of the inline pumps used here are members of NCL and NRC series, with IE3 class high efficiency motors, 100% compliant with ERP2015 directives.
All lower and upper zone booster sets in the project, all structural elements in contact with water are made of stainless steel, resistant to high pressure, high efficiency, integrated with WDRIVE smart inverter device, 80% energy saving package type booster sets.
Fire pumping station; It is UL listed, FM Approved, it consists of horizontal type, split body, high pressure automatic transfer switch, paneled systems.

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