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Turkish HVAC-R Association
11 October 2003

The aim of ISKID is to ensure cooperation between all of the members who are manufacturers  &nb..

A View to Turkey 2003
11 October 2003

We feel that your interest in Turkey has been increased by taking this magazine. Welcome to Turkish ..

Environmental Regulations in Turkey
11 October 2003

Ozone Depletion Turkey  is  a  party to the 1997 amendment of the Montreal Protoco..

Friterm Dilovasi Production Plant Has Been Certified by BREEAM Very Good Certificate Level
20 February 2020

Friterm was awarded the BREEAM Very Good qualification with its production facility e..

Turkish Industry is in Cooperation with the Word Leader Sweden on Energy Efficiency
20 February 2020

The Industrial Energy Efficiency meeting, organized in cooperation by the Consulate of Sweden and th..

AIRONN Fan Testing Laboratory, Accredited by AMCA, the International Authority
09 March 2020

Testing laboratory established by Aironn, which has acquired the AMCA certification, a great importa..

Turkey Returns Home from Solar Decathlon with Three Awards
09 March 2020

Team Bosphorus that represented Turkey in the Solar Decathlon Africa competetion on September 2019, ..

Acrefine and Gripple Consigned MENA and the Caucasus Regions to Ulus Yapı
28 February 2020

Ulus Yapı, which represents British Gripple and Acrefine brands for a period of nearly 15 years in T..

Form Group of Companies and Lennox will Make Production in Izmir
28 February 2020

Form Group of Companies moves its cooperation with Lennox since 1983 one step further and commences ..

Friterm Signed Partnership Agreement with Hamon D'Hondt
28 February 2020

Receiving an export award in 2018 with its finned tube heat exchanger product range, Friterm is expa..

CIAT will Continue Its Activities in Turkey Under Its Roof of ALDAĞ Inc.
09 March 2020

With the agreement between ALDAĞ Inc. Turkey and CIAT France provided on December 19,..

Great Success of ALDAĞ Inc. : Air Handling Units’ TB1 (Thermal Bridging) -T2 (Thermal Conductivity) Values have been certified by Eurovent.
28 February 2020

As a result of tests carried out according to the EN 1886 standard, which Eurovent, the mo..

Senior Mission from Belimo to Yalcin Katmer
28 February 2020

Yalcin Katmer, who has been carrying out the duty of general directorate of Belimo Turkey since its ..

Turkish Scientist Ali Erdemir Elected as a Member of the US National Engineering Academy
28 February 2020

Turkish American scientist Ali Erdemir was elected to the National Academy of Engineering NAE member..

Central Asian Cities to Be Warmed with Mimsan Group Technology
28 February 2020

Mimsan Group, allowing to obtain energy from waste with biomass power plants, established far and wi..

ODE is among the Top Three Companies in Installation Insulation in Europe
28 February 2020

In installation insulation in Turkey, ODE, which produces the three product groups consisting of gla..

Eurovent Association Sets Its Route for the Future in Braga
28 February 2020

The 62nd annual Ordinary General Assembly meeting of Eurovent Association was held on 24 May 2019 in..

40 Million TL Investment by Bosch Thermotechnics
20 February 2020

Bosch Thermotechnology invested 40 million TL in the Logistics Center, is 13,700 m2 which is newly o..

BRONYA in Turkey, With LUFTSIS Inc.
20 February 2020

Super Liquid Thermal Insulation Materials, discovered by NASA in 1990 during the space shuttle works..

Ferroli Joins Forces With Bestherm Air Conditioning
28 February 2020

Ferroli, the world's leading Italian brand in the air conditioning sector, has signed an agreeme..

TTMD Chairman Dr. Kemal Gani Bayraktar Elected as REHVA Board Member
28 January 2020

The General Assembly meeting of the European Federation of Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning As..

Cooperation between Turkish-Italian Earthquake Engineers
20 February 2020

DİD-Earthquake Isolation Association, leading NGO of the earthquake isolation in Turkey, has signed ..

Daikin Turkey Raised Its Capital to 1 Billion 100 Million TL by Increasing It 950 Million TL
28 February 2020

Daikin Turkey, signing a huge success as a direct investor by showing growth of 8,5 times since 2011..

NIBE Industrier acquires 50 percent of shares in Üntes
28 February 2020

Swedish NIBE Industrier AB bought 50% of shares of UNTES, which is one of Turkey's leading manuf..

Turkey is second in the world with 44 companies in overseas contracting
26 August 2020

Despite the contraction in the global market, following the China, Turkey retained the second place ..

VENCO Signature for LG Innotek's Factories in Poland
25 September 2020

Venco, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a Global company, continues to supply ventilation..

Daikin Turkey factory generates its own energy
13 November 2020

TURKEY: Daikin’s factory in Sakarya, Turkey, has been generating all of its energy needs follo..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Set to Change the Air at FIFA World Cup 2022
16 November 2020

Turkish HVAC&R Sector targets being the number one provider of FIFA World Cup hosts Qatar’s in..

Founder Chair Of TRFMA, Levent Alatlı, Elected to EuroFM Board Member
16 December 2020

During the 87th EuroFM General Members Meeting, held online on 10 December 2020, a new Board was ele..

Here is the choice of the Middle East's Largest Court of Justice
16 December 2020

Ayvaz compensators were preferred in the Kuwait New Justice Palace, which will have the title of the..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Targets More Exports to Colombia
17 December 2020

Turkish HVAC&R sector organized 2020’s last virtual trade delegation visits to Colombia on 1-4..

E.C.A. Became a Member of the European Heating Industry First and Only Manufacturer in Turkey
28 December 2020

European Heating Industry (EHI) has added E.C.A. to its members. E.C.A. became a member of the Europ..

İSKİD Releases Statistics for The First Eights Months of 2020
28 December 2020

İSKİD released the Turkish air conditioning industry's performance notes in the summer of 2020 a..

The Choice of International Marine Pojects: Standart Pompa
28 December 2020

Standart Pompa, which continuously makes moves with the goal of being an engineering power that prod..

VENCO Support After Sales Services during COVID-19 Pandemic Process
28 December 2020

VENCO Support After Sales Staff drew attention to after-sales services during the COVID-19 pandemic,..

Best HVAC&R Exporters Rewarded
28 December 2020

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB) has rewarded 2019’s most successful HV..

AIRONN and TRIA International GmbH Signed a New Partnership
07 January 2021

AIRONN and TRIA International GmbH signed a new partnership agreement to develop their business. TRI..

Control of Dubai Mazaya Mall from Turkish company
17 January 2021

Arma Kontrol will control the car park entrance and exit of Dubai Mazaya Mall. Arma Kontrol, co..

EBITT will direct the water in Capital Markets Board building that rising in the center of Istanbul Finance Centre
22 January 2021

According to the goals of Istanbul for 2023; which will take place in the world's 10 most import..

Standart Pompa Received NDK Manufacturer Approval Certificate
03 February 2021

Standart Pompa became one of the 5 local names between 49 companies that received NDK Manufacturer A..

HTK Klima Signed a New Distributorship Agreement in The Middle East Region
04 February 2021

HTK Klima signed a new distributorship agreement in the Middle East Region. HTK Klima m..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Becomes the Second Biggest Sector in Export Increase
12 February 2021

Turkish HVAC&R sector has become the second biggest sector in export increase in 2021 January, with ..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Scales up Commercial Targets in Uzbekistan
16 February 2021

Turkish HVAC&R Sector organized 2021’s first virtual trade delegation visit to Uzbekistan.&nbs..

Flexiva Winds Blowing in Poland
17 February 2021

In projects of great importance for Poland; flexible air ducts, which are manufactured in accordance..

The Jet Fan System of The Car Park of Grand Hotel Tornik Project Has Been Supplied by VENCO
02 March 2021

VENCO have completed the production of their first order which contains the fire-resistant fans at 4..

Total Exports of the Air Conditioning Sector in 2020 Announced as $ 4.6 Billion
18 March 2021

In December 2020, an increase of 25.2% was seen compared to the previous year’s December expor..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Develops its Network and Exports in the UK 
26 March 2021

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB) has recently completed a digital trade delegation..

ISKID Assesses 2020 Data of the Turkish Air-Conditioning Industry
31 March 2021

ISKID discussed 2020 data of the air-conditioning industry in a webinar held on Tuesday, 23rd March...

The Full Car Park Ventilation System & Ventilation Fans Were Provided to the QUAD Business Towers by VENCO
05 April 2021

VENCO has been going on supplying their quality products and services to remarkable and prestigious ..

ISKID’s 15th Term Board of Directors Took Office Under the Chairmanship of Ayk Serdar Didonyan
06 April 2021

The Ordinary General Assembly of ISKID was held with a high level of participation from ISKID member..

Turkey’s HVAC&R Exports Hit All-Time High in March 2021
13 April 2021

Turkish HVAC&R Sector recorded all-time high monthly export worth $547 mio in March 2021.  T..

ATC Air Trade Centre is Continuing Its Expansion by Re-Entering The Belgium Market
20 April 2021

Leading the market by providing durable HVAC solutions, developing and manufacturing energy-efficien..

Boreas Quality Approved by Germany
28 April 2021

Boreas, one of Turkey's leading companies in the field of industrial technology, continues to ma..

ISIB Initiates Preparations for 2022 Mostra Convegno Expocomfort
28 April 2021

Representing our country at the fair held online between 8-16 April 2021 under the name of MCE Live-..

Provent is on its way to becoming a world brand
29 April 2021

Provent, which started its activities in 2007 by producing air conditioning and ventilation systems ..

Turkey, Germany and Spain Recognized as Top Countries for LEED Green Building
15 February 2019

On Feb. 13, 2019, the U.S. Green Building Council  (USGBC),  the creators of the LEED gree..

Naci Şahin Became the New President of Eurovent Association
15 February 2019

Naci Şahin, who has been the General Manager of FRITERM and Board Member of Eurovent, has&..

Espa Cooling Became the Distributor of Johnson Controls in Turkey
15 February 2019

Espa Cooling became the distributor of Johnson Controls in Turkey. The following informati..

Teskon + Sodex Fair and TESKON Congress in April 2019
15 February 2019

Teskon + Sodex 2019 to be held on April 17-20 in Izmir. While the fair brings together the..

Turkey’s First Export with On-Site Customs Clearance from AFS Boru
15 February 2019

AFS realized the first export with on-site customs clearance in Turkey with its Authorized..

Cantas Added A New Award to its Supplier Awards
15 February 2019

Johnson Controls awarded Cantas,which supplies materials to the production facilities in Izmir ..

Grand Award to Grundfos Turkey’s Training Initiative
15 February 2019

Grundfos Turkey, thanks to its training program prepared to help improving service and sal..

Partner Country of MCE 2020 Exhibition: Turkey
15 February 2019

The Partner Country Initiative continues at the 2020 Exhibition as well to bring together ..

TTMD and IBPSA Turkey Initial Meeting Held
06 February 2018

The first step of the collaboration between the Turkish Institution of Plumbing Engineers (TTMD) and..

E.C.A.’s New Series Returns from Europe with Awards
06 February 2018

E.C.A.'s Icon and Purity series products won prizes in the Italian A Design Award, one of the mo..

EXIVA Receives EPO Patent
06 February 2018

Founded with the aim of bringing patent offices in Europe together under a unified body, European Pa..

60. Exporting Point of VENCO Became Niger Republic in West Africa
07 May 2021

VENCO, that has been operating based on the engineering principles since it has been founded, has be..

Aironn Devices will Service in Tribeca Central, the Smart City of Mauritius
13 May 2021

Designed as a "Smart City", Tribeca Central is built with the latest technologies to improve livabil..

Aironn Signature at Amazon's New Facilities in Italy
21 May 2021

Aironn, the strong brand of Turkish engineering, takes its place in Amazon's new 230 million eur..

Turkey's Machinery Export 7.5 Billion Dollars at the End of the First 4 Months
21 May 2021

According to the statement made by the Machinery Exporters’ Association (Turkish Machinery), a..

ESEN DN 2300 mm GRP Pipes Installation in the Middle East
24 May 2021

ESEN, which is one of the preferred names in the plastic pipe industry, continues its activities in ..

Mitsubishi Electric to Increase Air Conditioner Production in Turkey
27 May 2021

Aiming to expand heating-system and air-conditioning business in Europe as well as Turkey. Mitsub..

Air Conditioning Solution Developed to Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 Contagion
01 June 2021

In the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the argument that the transmission was via droplets and..

Aironn Jet-Fan Groups Will Serve in Europe's Tallest Building
05 June 2021

The mega project with a project area of ​​3,200,000 m² will be located in the middle of the Ist..

Flexiva's Booming in Morocco
07 June 2021

Following the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement between Morocco and Turkey in 2006, the c..

IMBAT brand in three continents
14 June 2021

Imbat, which prepares and produces its own product designs with 100 percent Turkish design power, co..

Developed by Istanbul Technical University Students: thermosolver.com
15 June 2021

Now academics, engineers and students; they will be able to make thermodynamic calculations and obta..

ISIB Attended Aquatherm Kiev with an Information Booth
24 June 2021

Aquatherm Kiev was organized on 18-20 May 2021 in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. Turkish HVAC&R Expor..

SOSIAD Emphasized the Importance of Career Opportunities in the Sector on World Refrigeration Day
30 June 2021

SOSIAD organized an online event under the title of "Champions of Refrigeration: Respectable Careers..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Reaches Out to Canada for Export
06 July 2021

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB) sent a virtual trade delegation to Canada on 1-3 ..

The Air Conditioner Manufacture Capital Of Europe, Turkey
13 July 2021

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association (İSKİD) Board Chairman Ayk Serda..

HVAC&R Industry Will Meet at ISK-SODEX Between 29 September-2 October 2021
14 July 2021

ISK-SODEX Fair, the leading HVAC&R industry meeting point of the Eurasia Region, is getting ready to..

Daikin will Produce VRV Systems in Turkey
19 July 2021

As of January 2022, Daikin will produce VRV systems, one of the central air-conditioning system prod..

ISIB's 9th Digital Commercial Delegation Organization to Vietnam
28 July 2021

Adding value to the trade of exporters during the pandemic period with digital commercial delegation..

Nibe Heat Pumps now in Turkey under the Assurance of Üntes
28 February 2021

One of the leading companies in Turkey, with 52 years of experience in the air conditioning sector, ..

Copa Receives the Most Popular Brand Award in China
28 February 2021

COPA was one of the winners of the Most Popular Brand award in 2019 at the “China Comfortable ..

Prof. Dr. M. Pınar Mengüç receives the “Outstanding Mechanical Engineer Award” from Purdue University
28 February 2021

Director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Economy and Faculty Member of the Department of M..

Flexiva is Turkey’s Leader in Flexible Air Duct Exports
17 February 2021

Flexiva maintains its leading position in Turkey in the area of exports as a flexible air duct manuf..

Battery Move from POMSAD and European Unified Water Label
28 February 2021

The Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers Association (POMSAD) is preparing to undertake an important..

Doğu İklimlendirme Exports Residential-Type Heat Recovery Units to England
28 February 2021

Doğu İklimlendirme, one of the most innovative brands of the air conditioning industry, exports resi..

ARTIST Fully Laminated Flexible Air Ducts obtain a new International Patent in the USA
28 January 2021

The ARTIST series’ flexible air ducts, which are healthy and proven to be fire-proof with the ..

İmbat Condensing Units in Austria
28 February 2021

İmbat Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, which produces highly efficient and solution-orien..

BRC Cooling Systems has been granted the BAC EMENA 2020 Sales Award
28 February 2021

BRC Cooling Systems won the “BAC EMENA 2020 Sales Award” in the sales and after-sales se..

Alarko Carrier is among the Top Companies with the Highest R&D Investments
28 February 2021

The results of Turkishtime’s “R&D 250, Turkey’s Top 250 Companies in R&D Expenditu..

Europe’s First Academic News Portal Launched
28 March 2021

Arelnews.com, the largest and most comprehensive news portal, began its broadcasting life, involving..

“As ODE Insulation, we act on the basis of our vision of becoming a global brand”
03 August 2021

Ozan Turan, Export Director of ODE Insulation Would you provide us with brief information about O..

“The Turkish HVAC&R Industry attract investors”
20 September 2021

By: Ayk Serdar Didonyan, Chairman of ISKID The Turkish HVAC&R Industry attracts many foreign inve..

HVAC&R Industry Achieved an Additional $500 Million Export Potential Thanks to ISK-SODEX 2021
04 October 2021

ISK-SODEX, the leading HVAC&R industry meeting point of the Eurasia Region, was held this year with ..

İSİB’s ISK-SODEX Purchase Delegation Program Hosts Close to 300 Companies from 53 Countries
22 October 2021

The Purchase Delegation Program organized by İSİB as part of the 15th ISK Sodex Istanbul Fair attrac..

2022 Mostra Covegno to Commence in Italy, with Turkey as the Partner Country
09 November 2021

Turkey was named as the partner country in MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair 2022, which ..

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Looks to Increase Exports to Azerbaijan
15 November 2021

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB), which is the global business partner of Turkish ..

Arel Arsoy Becomes Vice-Chairman of PG Rooftop Units
21 November 2021

Arel Arsoy (Research and Development Manager, Untes) was recently elected as the new Vice-Chairman o..

Sectoral Strategy Workshop Discusses Turkish HVAC&R Sector’s Global Strategy
29 November 2021

The HVAC&R Sectoral Strategy Workshop was held on 14-17 November 2021 in Antalya Cornelia Diamond Ho..

Sports Halls in Romania Have Imbat Signature for 4 Years
16 December 2021

İmbat Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems provides air-conditioning for multi-purpose sports halls ..

Support from UNDP to Turkey's Net Zero Route
18 December 2021

While Turkey's ratification of the Paris Agreement accelerated the efforts on the subject, prepa..

ISIB Gives Air Conditioning Seminar in Azerbaijan
24 December 2021

The global business partner of the Turkish air conditioning industry, Turkish HVAC&R Exporters&rsquo..

ISIB Supported Pakistan HVAC Trends Fair and Conference through Platin Sponsorship
03 January 2022

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (ISIB), the global business partner of Turkish HVAC&R Se..

XV TTMD International HVAC&R Technologies Symposium on 20-23 September 2022
19 January 2022

Organized biannually, XV TTMD International HVAC&R Technologies Symposium will take place between 20..

Beyond your Imagination with High Tech Manufacturing facility and Eurovent Certified Products
02 February 2022

Friterm is now too CONFIDENT on its own DX air coolers capacity. After a long run on the way of g..

ISIB announced its targets and actions for 2022
26 February 2022

The sector is expected to reach an export size of 7 billion dollars in 2022 with a growth of 15 perc..

Daikin Europe Starts VRV Production in Turkish Factory to Serve The Region
26 May 2022

Brussels, May 25, 2022 – Today Daikin Europe N.V. announced that it has invested 13 million eu..

ISIB Joined the Nigeria Mega Clima Exhibition with Info Stand
22 July 2022

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) joined the Nigeria Mega Clima Exhibition, which was held in Lago..

1915 Çanakkale Bridge was Selected as the Most Successful Project of the Year in Construction Methodology
03 November 2022

The International Roads Federation (IRF) selected the 1915Çanakkale Bridge and Motorway Proje..

Limak Investment Received the UNDP Equality Seal Certificate of Achievement
03 November 2022

Limak Investment, which is part of the Limak Group of Companies, has completed all relevant processe..

Alarko Carrier Will Open a New Market in Europe with its Heat Pump
03 November 2022

Turning its route to export, Alarko Carrier aims to increase its export share in its turnover to 30 ..

Turkish HVAC-R Industry Increases Its Efficiency in Azerbaijan
27 October 2022

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) made a national participation organization in the Aquatherm Baku..

Baymak Showed Up with Its Innovative Products at Aqua Therm Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan Fairs
26 October 2022

Baymak has carried the comfort and efficiency it provides to consumers to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan...

Daikin Sensei Started to be Produced at Daikin's Hendek Production Facilities in Türkiye
09 November 2022

In the last days of 2021, Daikin has started the production of "Wall Type Full Condensing Boilers", ..

Production Started in ODE's Factory, Established with Investment of 200 Million TL
12 November 2022

Largest insulation company of Türkiye with 100% domestic capital, ODE Insulation, made an inves..

R&D Investment from Daikin to Hendek Factory with an Investment Cost of 3.5 Million Euros
17 November 2022

Daikin, the innovative brand of the air conditioning industry, is making a new investment to enlarge..

Legend of Eurovent: Tunc Korun
19 November 2022

Eurovent was pleased to give Tunc Korun, CEO at Form Şirketler Grubu, the ‘Turkish Industry Le..

Aldag Signature in Turkmenistan's "First Smart City"
30 November 2022

Ahal's new center will be Turkmenistan's first "smart" city. The new administrative center o..

AIRONN Held a Conference in Baku for the Reconstruction of Karabakh
22 November 2022

On November 17, 2022, Aironn Air Conditioning Inc. held the "Road, Bridge and Tunnel Conference for ..

Systemair Türkiye Exports Life Cycle Analysis Technology to 52 Countries
24 November 2022

Systemair participated in the Nordic Talks event held at the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul..

COPA's 2021 Export Performance Awarded
02 December 2022

COPA, one of the leading brands of the Turkish Air Conditioning industry, can't get enough of aw..

Aironn Increases Efficiency Further With New Blade Geometry in Metro Fans
04 December 2022

Proving its expertise in Fan Engineering in numerous mega projects, Aironn A.S. The R&D Group carrie..

ISIB 2021 Leaders of Export Awards Found Their Owners
09 December 2022

Air Conditioning Industry Strategy Workshop, where the Turkish Air Conditioning Industry Exporters&#..

Montair Provides Solutions to the Air Conditioning Needs of the Trilliant Business Center Project in Uzbekistan
14 December 2022

Form Group of Companies continues to add value to projects with its successful collaborations, the i..

Imbat signature at International Airports
14 December 2022

Imbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioner, designed by Imbat Air Conditioning and Cool..

The Leading HVAC&R Exhibition ISK-SODEX at its New Venue
15 December 2022

International HVAC&R, Insulation, Pump, Valve, Fitting, Water Treatment, Fire Prevention, Pool and S..

First in Turkiye from Daikin: R32 Refrigerant VRV Indoor Unit Production Started
24 December 2022

Continuing its production by focusing on the importance it attaches to the environment, Daikin raise..

Üntes Products Preferred in Algeria Chlef Anti Cancer Center
03 January 2023

Üntes products were used in the anticancer hospital built by the Algerian state in the city of ..

Export Performance of Turkish Air Conditioning Industry in 2022 Has Been Determined: 6.7 Billion US Dollars
04 January 2023

The Turkish air conditioning industry closed the year 2022 with an export volume of   6 bi..


Roadmap to technology, standardization and safety
11 October 2003

Seyhan Uygur Onbasioglu Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Istanbul Technical Universit..

HVAC-R Turkey
10 October 2003


Turkey; the favorite of investors in 2020
20 February 2020

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) has announced the export figures for January 2020. Turkey's expo..

Turkey, despite the challenging economic conditions in 2018, increased exports
15 February 2019

Turkey Contractors Association (TMB) issued an analysis titled “Is the world reshaping while e..

Turkey is expected to end the entire 2017 with 7 to 7.2 percent growth
06 February 2018

Turkey's total export volume grew by 10.2% in 2017, reaching 157.1 billion USD. This is the seco..

The Turkish Air Conditioning Industry maintains stability and success
28 February 2021

İSKİD announced the 2020 Turkish Air Conditioning Industry data in an online meeting held in March. ..

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