23 January 2020 Thursday

Alarko Carrier – Bozshakol Copper Mine


Alarko Carrier carried out the climate control automation of the Bozshakol Copper Mine Project in Kazakhstan which is one of the world’s largest unprocessed copper deposits. Alarko Carrier Automated-Logic is preferred as a cooling automation solution for permanent plant and maintenance buildings, and 6 kV transformer and sheet pavilion design has been realized by Alarko Carrier. In project scope; 39 Carrier 30RWA / 30WGA condenserless cooling units, 39 Carrier SO50 / SO60 / AL91 condensers, 53 Carrier 39HQ air handling units and 1.212 Carrier 42N / 42GW fan coil units. In addition, a special air conditioning system was installed at the Washbay & Vehicle Maintenance, Main Maintenance and Plant Maintenance buildings. “The Bozshakol copper mine is very important in terms of volume and value,” said Mesut Karadag, Sales Manager of Alarko Carrier Building Management Systems. We have collaborated with Kazakhmys Bozshakol LLP for the automation of climate control of the project, which is planned to process 25 million tons of copper sulphide annually. Thus, we provided a total of 1,343 products and offered Automated-Logic software. The region is estimated to have a mine life of 33 years, so I hope that our cooperation will continue. “