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Aironn Signature at Amazon's New Facilities in Italy

21 May 2021
Aironn Signature at Amazon's New Facilities in Italy

Aironn, the strong brand of Turkish engineering, takes its place in Amazon's new 230 million euro facilities in Italy.

Aironn smoke exhaust solutions will be used at Amazon's largest facilities in Italy.

This year, Amazon launches two new logistics sites in Italy that will create 1,100 permanent jobs for the first three years. Amazon has invested over € 5.8 billion in Italy, creating more than 8,500 full-time jobs since its arrival in the country in 2010.

Amazon's replenishment center in Novara and sorting center in Spilamberto (MO) will be operational in the autumn of 2021. These investments will be environmentally friendly and sustainable facilities with solar panels and other technological energy innovations in line with the Climate Commitment signed by Amazon last year to reach the Paris Agreement ten years early and become net zero carbon by 2040.

With the fulfillment center in Novara and the sorting-sorting center in Spilamberto (MO), Amazon adds 230 million euros to its 5.8 billion euro investment in Italy.

The replenishment center in Agognate, a hamlet of the Novara municipality in the Piedmont region, will create up to 900 jobs within three years after the site opens. The facility, whose construction work was carried out by Vailog srl (Gruppo Segro), will be equipped with advanced Amazon Robotics technology focused on the health and well-being of employees. The new fulfillment center in Novara will become a vital element in Amazon's network of operations centers where employees will collect, pack and ship packages to customers.

The Spilamberto (MO) sorting center will be the second such plant opened by the Amazon in Emilia Romagna, after the Castel San Giovanni facility, and the third at national level.

The new facilities will be operational in Autumn 2021 and will integrate energy savings and a low CO2 footprint. The energy generated by the solar panels placed on the roof of the warehouse will power both facilities, the Spilamberto sorting center will have a power of approximately 720 kW, and the Novara supply center will have a power of 1000 kW. The buildings will be managed by BMS (Buliding Management System), which allows the building to be managed and maintained intelligently.

Parking lots will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars, and as the use of bicycle transportation will be encouraged, it will also have a sustainability footprint in mobility. The facilities will have a "Very Good" grade BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification. It will be designed considering green areas and wooded areas in order to preserve balance and biodiversity.

Adding 230 million Euros of Amazon's new facilities to its references, Aironn Ventilation Inc. Yasemin Akgül, Chairman of the Board, says: “The company that strengthens its brand value with its environmental sensitivity and technology investments and has the second highest brand value of 2021 with 254.19 billion US Dollars, the choice of Aironn ventilation solutions in the new investments of the online global shopping giant Amazon in Italy. shows how accurate the steps and roadmap our company has planned for the future. Aironn aimed to become a world brand with its main idea. He focused on proving the strength and talent of Turkish engineering in the international arena. At the point we have reached today, it is undoubtedly a pride for us to stand out from our global competitors and to provide ventilation solutions at Amazon facilities, which will be among the strong examples of the "Green Building" category, especially in a period when the pandemic shook the whole world and the elections are as strong as possible. "

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