14 December 2019 Saturday

AIRONN's AMCA Membership Approved


The AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.)  was established in 1917 with the goal of promoting the health of the air movement and control industry on a global scale and meeting people’s health, comfort and safety need at the best possible level.It operates in a global union with more than 380 member companies in 37 countries in Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. Aironn is the new member of this international platform. Regarding the subject, Aironn R & D Group President Efe Unal said,” Our relationship with AMCA has been going on for a long time now. The establishment process of our Fan Test Laboratories was conducted as a university-industry cooperation project. Together with Yeditepe University, we have established our Fan Test Laboratory in accordance with AMCA standards. Our partnership with AMCA will continue. Our membership application process has been completed and we are now on the member-list on the AMCA website. We will be pleased to share our upcoming new projects and initiatives with you. Aironn has stated that its goal is to reach global markets since the day it was established. We are proceeding confidently to fully accomplish this goal.”