Acrefine and Gripple Consigned MENA and the Caucasus Regions to Ulus Yapı

28 February 2020 Issue: Year 2020

Ulus Yapı, which represents British Gripple and Acrefine brands for a period of nearly 15 years in Turkey, has concluded an aggreement on a much wider geography as the only authorized dealer of these companies. Under the agreement, all of the Middle East, North Africa and Caucasus countries were included in the region of Ulus Yapı. Ulus Yapı, having the authority to manufacture Acrefine and Gripple branded products, makes a great contribution to close the current deficit of our country by moving this advantage, provided with domestic production, far beyond Turkey. The fact that Turkish contractors are signing great projects in a wide range of fields around the world and prefer to work with Turkish suppliers in these projects increases the efficiency of Ulus Yapı in global markets.

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