60. Exporting Point of VENCO Became Niger Republic in West Africa

07 May 2021 Issue:

VENCO, that has been operating based on the engineering principles since it has been founded, has been carrying out its activities by prioritizing Research & Development and Product Development activities in the lights of its 30 years’ experience. 

60. and 61. Exporting Points of VENCO, which is one of the leading companies in its industry by its increasing export volume and continuously making new investments in its own facilities, became Niger in West Africa and Mozambique in East Africa consecutively. 

VENCO added F400 Car Park Ventilation Fans and Air Handling Units on its product range and also successfully completed Digital Transformation and Institutionalization Project in last 3 years.

In order to examine VENCO’s products: https://venco.com.tr/products/?lang=en


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