40 Million TL Investment by Bosch Thermotechnics

20 February 2020 Issue: Year 2020

Bosch Thermotechnology invested 40 million TL in the Logistics Center, is 13,700 m2 which is newly opened within the Manisa Factory. Thermotechnology business sector of the Bosch Group, emphasizes that Turkey is an important market and center of expertise with this investment. The new Logistics Center, which opened on May 22, 2019, unites the logistics processes of Bosch Thermotechnic by gathering all the flow of value from supply to customers under one roof. The processes of products' receipt, storage, production feeding and shipping to customers become hundred percent traceable with Industry 4.0 applications. In all shipment planning and material movements in the Logistics Center; solutions are provided using modern technologies such as barcode readers, RFID and ramp method. Activities on the system can be viewed on the screens in real time. Bosch Thermotechnology Turkey Commercial Affairs Director General Akin Kazak said that, "Our company bears the responsibility for shipping to over 40 countries especially Europe and Britain alongside Turkey and countries in the region. This responsibility reflects the confidence to Turkey of Bosch center and great potential. We support our strategic position with investments and we are strengthening our Innovation Center investment opened in December 2016 with our Logistics Center this year.” 

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