One of the 10 Most Powerful Women in the World in Sustainability: Duygu Erten

The “Leading Women in Sustainability” (WSLA) awards, which have been held since 2014 and which have been awarded the many important people, including Hillary Clinton among them, have found their matches at the ceremony in Boston, USA. Turkeco CEO, NGO leader, academician, consultant and activist Dr. Duygu Erten is also among the winners this year. Dr. Duygu Erten, one of the names that shaped the sustainable environment of the future, is the CEO of the Turkeco, a former USGBC board member, the past chair of ÇEDBIK (Association of Environment-Friendly Green Buildings), and a member of the “World Green Building Council” advisory board.

The WSLA, organized every year by the USGBC and GB & D, awards the most powerful women in the world that make a difference in sustainability and is considered one of the world’s most prestigious awards in architecture and environmentalism.