Untes PKC60 Series Air-Conditioning Power Plants Received Eurovent Certificate

Untes PKC60 series air-conditioning power plants received Eurovent certificate. These new-generation air-conditioning power plants with steel-section framed structure with high-class mechanical features, developed in the R&D laboratories of Üntes, were offered to the clients following the approval by Eurovent. Untes Technical Manager Faruk Cimen made a statement: “Our PKC60 Series air-conditioning power plants with steel-section framed structure, which received Eurovent certificate, has values of thermal transmittence in the T2 class and thermal bridging in the TB2 class. Just like in other Untes air-conditioning power plants series, the product also carries the mechanical characteristics of L1 class impermeability and D1 class body resistance under plus and minus pressures. Besides, with F9 class by-pass factor values, the filter frames are standard as in all the other Üntes products. The new PKC60 series, by means of a high insulation level, creates a difference with sound absorption values compared to its equivalents. The smooth internal surfaces provided by the nature of framed structures of the equipments, also enable easy cleanability.  PKC60 series air-conditioning power plants, besides these standard features, are endowed with hygienic structural options.”

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