Turkey’s First Local Green Building Certificate “CEDBIK-Konut” Introduced

CEDBIK Conference 2016, was organised at InterContinental Hotel in 4-5 February 2016, with the theme of “Ideational Transformations for Enduring Cities and Dialogue of Holistic Design from Building to Compound”. At the conference, Turkey’s first local green building certificate “CEDBIK-Konut” was introduced. Alarko Carrier Marketing Group Coordinator Vice President and CEDBIK Executive Board Member, Hirant KalataS indicated that the CEDBIK-Konut certificate has been worked on for several years and the good news on Turkey’s first local green building certificate was given at the 2nd International Green Buildings Summit. CEDBIK President Selcuk Ozdil, gave the first local green housing certificate of Turkey to Antteras Project by Ant Yapi. CEDBIK-Konut, constituted as a result of 9 main topics, 4 pre-conditions and 44 subject matter evaluations, prioritizes on criteria such as; green project management, land use, water use, housing life, management and maintenance. As a consequence of these criteria, Antteras received the CEDBIK-Konut certificate with a “good” degree. Ant Yapi Executive Board Member Mehmet Okay who received the certificate said, “Antteras Project was designed according to BREEAM standards. Now, being the first to receive Turkey’s first local green building certificate, CEDBIK-Konut is a matter of prestige for us.”

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