Turkey is a World Leader in Mega Projects

According to the World Bank’s 2015 Global Public Private Sector Cooperation Report, Turkey made 40 percent of the world’s public-private partnership investments alone with 7 projects totaling $ 44.7 billion last year. This achievement has brought leadership to Turkey in the ranking of global mega projects.

With 7 projects worth $ 44.7 billion last year alone, accounting for 40 per cent of public-private partnership investments worldwide, Turkey became the leader in the ranking of global mega projects.

According to the information gathered from the World Bank’s 2015 Global Public Private Sector Cooperation Report, the total amount of investments made last year by global public-private cooperation fell from $ 111.7 billion to $ 111.6 billion.

We surpassed Brazil

Turkey, which surpassed Brazil, last year’s leader in public-private partnership investments worldwide, reached first place with an investment of $ 44.7 billion. With a total of 7 projects, accounting for 40 percent of the projects on its own, Turkey has quadrupled the investment size of Colombia with 18 projects, which came second in the list. Second-round Colombia’s public private-sector cooperation investments amounted to $ 11.8 billion, while Peru ranked third with 11 projects and an investment size of $ 7.1 billion.

China and India dropped back

In China and India, which are among the countries with the largest number of public-private investments outside of Brazil, the investments have declined as well. The investments of the three countries that have dominated 60% of the market with 60 billion dollars of investment in 2014 have fallen to 11.6 billion dollars, which corresponds to 10% of the total investments. In Brazil, China and India, there has been a sharp decline in public-private partnership investments. The total global investments remained stable however, thanks to Turkey’s success that was equivalent to a 300% increase.

3 of our projects are on the list

Turkey ranked first, second and ninth in the list, where 10 mega projects ranked in terms of the size of the investment realized through public-private sector cooperation last year.

While Turkey was at the lead with the 3rd Airport Project in Istanbul with a total investment amount of 35.6 Billion dollars, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project with 6.4 Billion dollars came second.

Third place was Peru’s Lima 2nd Metro Line with $ 5.4 billion, followed by Malaysia’s Jimah East Thermal Power Plant with $ 2.7 billion, Mexico’s Los Ramonez Phase 2 Natural Gas Pipeline with $ 1.5 billion, and Russia’s Volgograd Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure Project with $ 1.2 billion.

In the list, Philippine’s San Buenaventura Thermal Power Plant, with an investment of $ 1.19 billion ranked 7th, and Colombia’s Chirajara-Villavincencio Highway Project with an investment of $ 1.16 billion ranked 8th.

Dalaman took ninth place

While Turkey managed to include its third project in the 9th place with the Dalaman Airport Domestic Terminal Building Project with an investment size of 1 billion 86 million dollars, the second project of Colombia, the investment of Neiva-Mocoa Santana Highway of 1 billion 80 million dollars, was the last in the list.

Here are the 10 mega projects

According to the World Bank report, the top 10 mega projects in terms of investment size in 2015 and the countries where they are made are as follows: