SBE Conference in Turkey for the First Time

Organized in Turkey for the first time by IMSAD, the Istanbul leg of SBE Conference series took place at Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul, between Oct. 13-15, 2016. 40 invited speakers from Turkey and several countires joined the conference with the “Integrated Solutions for Smart Metropoles-Sustainable and Smart Buildings in Smart Cities” theme. Throughout the conference 30 sittings took place and 113 manifestos were presented. Turkey IMSAD Chairman F. Fethi Hinginar commented on the success of SBE16 Istanbul Conference,“This has been one of the most successful studies I’ve seen so far. We strive to increase the quality of life for our people in the Turkish construction sector, not just with construction materials but also by improving the building quality. Therefore, SBE16 Istanbul Conference has been the most successful and effective study in recent years.” IISBE (International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment) Director Nils Larsson on the other hand said, “Both speakers and hundreds of manifestos, workshops delivered by professionals from every department of the sector and the generated outcome really surpassed our expectations of all the series that took place before. Especially the remark to be made on the workshops outcome is simply a ‘perfect summary’. The target here must be the assessment and implementation of these conclusions as a course of action by all the units of the sector.”