Pakplast, was deemed worthy of Two New Quality Certificates from France and Om

Pakpen, received the NF quality certificate from the The Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE) institution based in France. Pakpen’s pipe brand Pakplast’s application for the drinking water pipe PE100 has been approved following a thorough examination of the whole production process starting from the purchase of raw materials and quality tests. Pakplast in addition, was qualified to receive an accreditation certificate from the Oman Quality and Standards Institution. Pakpen Executive Board Member, Ibrahim Tuza stated regarding this matter; “As Pakpen, we are proud to receive approval with the quality of our work from prestigious institutions on an international arena. Especially, the NF 114 regulations consist of elaborate experiments and implementations in accordance with many standards. These certifications set a precedent for the Turkish plastics industry. From now on, France in particular, we will grow stronger in countries that adopt the NF 114 regulations. This will accelerate our brand on the path to become one of the world’s leading brands.”