Emo Ayvaz Signed a Distributorship Contract with FIKE

Emo Ayvaz, signed a distributorship contract with one of world’s leading gas extinguishing systems companies, FIKE. According to the agreement they will be the sole authorized company in Turkey for the sales of products by FIKE, a company that operates in significant markets of the world including the Middle East. Emo Ayvaz provides an opportunity of delivery of UL listed and FM approved FM200 (HFC227ea) and FE-25 gas extinguishing systems tubes in a short period of time from FIKE’S UL/FM approved filling factory in the UK. As is known, for the FM approval of products and systems to be valid, the cylinder fillings must take place at an FM approved filling factory. Owing to FIKE’s patented rupture disc (Blow-out diaphram), fast, effective and reliable solutions are offered. On account of this distributorship contract between companies, Emo Ayvaz targets to bring together the LPCB approved Proinert gas systems and UL listed and FM approved CO2, Argonite and Inergen systems among the product range of FIKE with the sector.